Sell your home / house or multi-units fast in Washington DC and Baltimore City / County Maryland, Prince George's (PG) County MD, Montgomery County MD
Did you inherited a house?

Dealing with an inherited house can be rewarding or a nightmare.

If you live near by the property and being a landlord or rehabber is not your forte, then you may want to sale the property.

As the Personal Representative for the Estate, you have to make the best decision for all parties involved.

Depending on the state where the property is located, the probate process may be overwhelming; especially, if you live long distance.

We specialize in aiding Personal Representatives with liquidating the property so that outstanding expenses may be handled.

Most times the property is out of date and needs major renovation or repairs.  Several owners tend to defer the maintenance on their home due to their age, finances, time, and experience.


We take the property AS-IS and can close when you want.


Contact us now for free consultation so you may learn your options to Sell your home fast.



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